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What Gives You Hope?

20 November, 2014 (03:35) | Core values, healthy living, Personal Success, positive emotions, resilience, Uncategorized | By: lifecoach

The Mirriam Webster definition of hope: “To want something to happen or to be true, and think that it could happen or be true.”  The word hope shows up a lot in personal growth work.  It’s one of the 24 character strengths defined in the Via Character Strength Assessment (click here to learn more about the science of strengths: It’s also one of […]

How can I be more interesting?

20 September, 2014 (01:40) | conversation, listening, Personal Success, small talk | By: lifecoach

I get this question a lot.  Many of us want to avoid small talk, yet we don’t always know what to say beyond talking about the weather.  The truth of the matter is, many people experience some amount of shyness in social situations which may have them worry about whether they’re interesting enough. People are […]

Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

13 January, 2014 (18:33) | business success, careers, Personal Success, women in business | By: lifecoach

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Make Resolutions: Resolutions rarely work.  According to a recent article I read, the statistical rate of success is only 8 percent! Declaring a resolution can evoke your Saboteur.  It can shine a spotlight on the very things you’ve declared resolutions around for years, and have you beating yourself up over why you should have or […]

Have You Heard From YOUR Saboteur?

7 November, 2013 (02:12) | business success, Personal Success, Saboteur | By: lifecoach

I recently made a business decision that I believe will make a big impact on my company. As I strategized about the programs I would offer, I noticed both excitement and enthusiasm growing inside of me. Ideas were appearing faster than I could key them into my iPhone, and a list of people to contact, […]