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How I focus

16 June, 2015 (23:23) | business success, time management, Uncategorized | By: lifecoach

A professional organizer friend of mine recently confessed that she’s feeling overwhelmed and struggling to stay focused. On top of busily working in her successful business, she’s added ‘wedding planner’ to her already full plate as she excitedly prepares for the big day this September. Almost everyone I talk to these days struggles with staying […]

Don’t Go it Alone – Ask for Help!

6 February, 2015 (03:07) | de-stress, productivity, Saboteur, stress management, women in business, work life balance | By: lifecoach

One of the things I notice is how hesitant women are to ask for help. Clients share that they’re overwhelmed, yet when I ask if they’ve requested help from anyone, the answer is often ‘no.’ They say things like:  ‘I can’t ask my husband, because he won’t do it right or he’s too busy.’  or […]

3 Magic Words

5 August, 2014 (01:30) | business success, de-stress, productivity, stress management, Uncategorized | By: lifecoach

What’s the ONE thing? This could be the simplest, yet one of the most powerful questions I could ask you. Or, maybe not. Our lives are super busy, and many of us are probably working on numerous projects at any one time. Do you frequently feel like you can’t decide what to do first in […]

Try this! It REALLY Works!

5 August, 2014 (01:28) | healthy living, mindfulness practice, refocus, stress management | By: lifecoach

Here’s another tool to help you transform your Overwhelm into Peaceful Harmony: Tip #2: Tune In: Stop & Listen This is a great one if you’re feeling overwhelmed and on ‘information overload,’ an all too frequent state many of us find ourselves in these days. What’s happening to your brain: Your prefrontal cortex is over-aroused, […]

Tip #1 to Overcome Overwhelm

5 August, 2014 (01:26) | breathing exercise, healthy living, morning ritual, stress management | By: lifecoach

In last week’s blog, I promised you some simple tips for Overcoming Overwhelm.  Here’s the first one! Five & Five: Spend 5 extra minutes in bed and take 5 deep breaths. The Ritual Set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier than usual, and instead of leaping out of bed in the morning, stay there and just […]

Multi-task much?!?

5 August, 2014 (01:22) | healthy living, productivity, stress management, time management, work life balance | By: lifecoach

One of the things I hear a lot from my clients is that they can’t slow down. They multi-task constantly, doing a thousand things at once (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but I’m sure you get what I’m saying), and they say it’s hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. This is such a common theme that I […]