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3 Radical Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

7 November, 2014 (02:54) | life balance, positive emotions, resilience, stress management, work life balance | By: lifecoach

I recently held a pair of workshops on the topic of resilience, (defined as: an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity). We explored some of the ways we can strengthen our resilience in order to better deal with the tough times in life. A key component of resilience is positivity, which involves increasing positive […]

What Happened to Feelings?

26 February, 2014 (13:35) | emotional intelligence, neuroscience, Personal Success | By: lifecoach

I often read or hear statements that go something like this: “If I just ‘think positive’, things will work out fine.” I struggle with this mantra because it can have us turn away from valid (albeit uncomfortable) feelings that hold important information for us. I can attest to the significant role avoiding emotions had on my […]