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Don’t Go it Alone – Ask for Help!

6 February, 2015 (03:07) | de-stress, productivity, Saboteur, stress management, women in business, work life balance | By: lifecoach

One of the things I notice is how hesitant women are to ask for help. Clients share that they’re overwhelmed, yet when I ask if they’ve requested help from anyone, the answer is often ‘no.’ They say things like:  ‘I can’t ask my husband, because he won’t do it right or he’s too busy.’  or […]

3 Radical Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

7 November, 2014 (02:54) | life balance, positive emotions, resilience, stress management, work life balance | By: lifecoach

I recently held a pair of workshops on the topic of resilience, (defined as: an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity). We explored some of the ways we can strengthen our resilience in order to better deal with the tough times in life. A key component of resilience is positivity, which involves increasing positive […]

Wow, Can this Really Make a Difference in Your Relationship?

16 September, 2014 (17:11) | healthy living, work life balance | By: lifecoach

Healthy Habits My clients often talk about their relationship challenges in coaching.  One of the first things I assign is similar to habit #5, offered in this week’s article by Dr. Mark Goulston: The 10 Habits of Happy Couples As Told By A Psychiatrist Attitude of Gratitude I’m always delighted to hear how impactful this one […]

Multi-task much?!?

5 August, 2014 (01:22) | healthy living, productivity, stress management, time management, work life balance | By: lifecoach

One of the things I hear a lot from my clients is that they can’t slow down. They multi-task constantly, doing a thousand things at once (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but I’m sure you get what I’m saying), and they say it’s hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. This is such a common theme that I […]

Will YOU take a break?

5 June, 2014 (04:45) | healthy living, staycation, Uncategorized, vacation, work life balance | By: lifecoach

In a few short weeks summer will be upon us!  The weather will be warmer, kids (and some of you) will be out of school, and you may be wondering if you can squeeze in a long overdue vacation. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I can’t see my way clear to take time off right now. […]