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5 August, 2014 (01:30) | business success, de-stress, productivity, stress management, Uncategorized | By: lifecoach

What’s the ONE thing?
ID-100176105This could be the simplest, yet one of the most powerful questions I could ask you.
Or, maybe not.

Our lives are super busy, and many of us are probably working on numerous projects at any one time.

Do you frequently feel like you can’t decide what to do first in a particular project?  Is it hard to know what is most important?  What if you forget something, or you choose the wrong thing to start on?  It can feel like there is an endless loop in your mind!

Both my clients and I struggle with these questions all the time.  Here’s 3 magic words that can help: Break it Down.  Every time I speak these words to a client, there is usually an audible sigh of relief.

Here are the 7 quick and easy steps you can do to help you break down a project:ID-10022750

  1. Clear everything off your desk.  A clear desk equals a clear mind.
  2. Take out a sheet of paper, and write down all the tasks for a particular project.  Do this quickly, and write as many as you can think of.  Don’t worry about the order yet.  You can always edit later.
  3. Prioritize.  Assign a number to each task that prioritizes its order.
  4. Pick one task to start working on right now.  Yes!  It is okay to start a task that is out of order provided you’re not skipping an important step in between.  Pay attention to your level of energy at the time, and what you feel like doing.
  5. Clear your desk again if necessary.
  6. Now break this one task down into specific steps.  Keep it under 5.  If there’s too many steps, it means you need to further break the task into 2 separate ones.
  7. Do ONE step on your list right now.  Pick any one thing, depending on the amount of time you have.  Hint: If you choose something easy that doesn’t take very long, you’ll free great that you got things rolling!

This is Key:
You may think the time to break down a project is only at the beginning.

This is simply not the case.

It is often necessary in the middle, especially in long term projects, for you to take another look to effectively complete it.  Don’t let your inner judge convince you otherwise!

When I have multiple projects, I will often break them into manageable steps almost daily so I can stay on track and feel more productive.

Ready? GO!!!


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