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How can I be more interesting?

20 September, 2014 (01:40) | conversation, listening, Personal Success, small talk | By: lifecoach

I get this question a lot.  Many of us want to avoid small talk, yet we don’t always know what to say beyond talking about the weather.  The truth of the matter is, many people experience some amount of shyness in social situations which may have them worry about whether they’re interesting enough. People are […]

Wow, Can this Really Make a Difference in Your Relationship?

16 September, 2014 (17:11) | healthy living, work life balance | By: lifecoach

Healthy Habits My clients often talk about their relationship challenges in coaching.  One of the first things I assign is similar to habit #5, offered in this week’s article by Dr. Mark Goulston: The 10 Habits of Happy Couples As Told By A Psychiatrist Attitude of Gratitude I’m always delighted to hear how impactful this one […]