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What Happened to Feelings?

26 February, 2014 (13:35) | emotional intelligence, neuroscience, Personal Success | By: lifecoach

I often read or hear statements that go something like this: “If I just ‘think positive’, things will work out fine.” I struggle with this mantra because it can have us turn away from valid (albeit uncomfortable) feelings that hold important information for us. I can attest to the significant role avoiding emotions had on my […]

Yogi’s of Faith – Restoration
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell (guest blogger)

6 February, 2014 (04:02) | business success, careers, Personal Success, Uncategorized, women entrepreneurs, women in business, yoga | By: lifecoach

One of the routines that I’ve tried to re-incorporate into my life is a regular practice of yoga.  (I’ve been an on and off yogi since my early 20’s).  This particular ritual has been a lot slower to turn into a habit, but alas, I think this is a year of success!  One of the […]